The much awaited AAC Symposium by PlayStreet in a unique format has arrived.

A journey of a parent who was not very sure of starting the sign language for her non verbal child for the fear that it would take away the motivation to speak, but that became her platform to speak her first few words. How beautifully she has weaved the memoir on moving to PECS to PlayTalk which eventually helped her child to speak in sentences.

What is PlayStreet AAC Symposium?

PS AAC Symposium are series of discussions and meetings by the speech department of PlayStreet on
alternative and augmentative communication, its implementation and impact.

Why is it important?

It is a very important event as it addresses the biggest challenge faced by our kids, the challenges in
communication and language. Some of our kids are other non-verbal, some are minimally verbal and others are
verbal, but most have limited language and expression.


Length – Self-Paced
Effort – 2-3 hours per day
Language – English
Charges – ₹ 500
Location – The comfort of your house
Mode – Online


4th May 2020 – Why communication is more important than speech
4th May 2020 – How AAC helps
5th May 2020 – Introducing PlayTalk Program
6th May 2020 – Using PlayTalk in Classroom and Circle Time
7th May 2020 – Using PlayTalk in Home settings and challenges faced while using AAC
8th May 2020 – Introducing PlayTalk Content
8th May 2020 – How to customize the PlayTalk content
9th May 2020 – Live discussion with speakers of symposium

Who all should attend?

Parents of children with communication difficulties
Professionals working with children with speech and communication difficulties (ST, OT, SE,
Psychologists, Social workers, Doctors)
Teachers of inclusive settings
Family, friends and relatives of a child with speech and communication difficulties to bring a
difference to the child they know.

How to register?

Click here:

We look forward to be invited to your home in the week of 4 th May to 9 th May. See you!

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