The communication Book is a visual system to help with communication and language development in non-verbal children as well as for children having single word level communication. This book is mainly developed for parents, as they spend most of the time with their children doing real life activities and hence are in ideal position to stimulate and develop their child's communication skills. The book can also be used by teachers and therapists to supplement and augment the techniques already being followed with the children.

The benefits of the communication book are:

  • Pointing
  • Visual scanning
  • Interaction
  • Turn-taking in a conversation
  • Functional commmunication and recall
  • Understand Sentence Structure(Subject+Verb+Object)
  • Daily Routines
  • Introduction to WH-Questions
  • Generalization

The various sections covered in the communication book are as follows:

  • All About Today
  • All About Me
  • All About the World
  • All About What I Do
    • What I do in the Morning
    • What I do in the Afternoon
    • What I do in the Night
  • Simple Sentence Structures
    • What do we eat?
    • What do we drink?
    • What do we wear?
    • What do we cut?
    • What do we open?
    • Where do you go?

Sample Pages