Inclusive Play for All - Embracing Children with Special Needs

Young children's natural inclination to play is a powerful tool for their development, enabling them to explore, learn, and make sense of the world around them. Through play, children absorb new words, fine-tune motor skills, and navigate complex social interactions, all while having fun and engaging with their surroundings.


When to consult:

At Playstreet, we understand the significance of play in shaping a child's growth. Our expertise lies in supporting children with special needs who may experience challenges in their play development. While they may still play, their interactions might be more repetitive, simple, and lacking in imagination. Often, they prefer solitary play, missing out on the valuable language and social skills that arise from play interactions with family and peers.

Role of this therapy in treatment?

Our team is dedicated to nurturing every child's potential. We carefully observe and tailor each session to the child's unique needs, ensuring a safe, supportive environment for growth. Through play-based interventions, we promote language development as children engage in joint attention and interactive communication with the therapist. Additionally, the intervention nurtures crucial social skills through reciprocity and imitation, encouraging turn-taking, cooperation, and empathy. As children progress through the sessions, they gain confidence in initiating activities and problem-solving, fostering independence and critical thinking. Overall, play-based intervention provides a well-rounded approach to enhance cognitive, social, and emotional growth, laying a strong foundation for a child's future success and well-being. By fostering essential pre-linguistic skills, we can also detect potential signs of the Autism Spectrum, helping parents and caregivers take proactive steps for their child's well-being.

PlayStreet’s approach: 

Our play sessions are thoughtfully designed based on the indigenously developed ARII model, addressing the essential skills that children often need assistance with.

What is ARII?

ARII stands for Anticipation, Reciprocity, Imitation, and Ideation - the pillars that form the foundation of our play-based learning approach.


We kickstart our sessions with fun-filled activities that captivate the child's attention, fostering joint attention with our skilled therapists. As the child begins to feel secure and connected, we sow the seeds of curiosity, igniting their willingness to explore and engage.


In this phase, we establish clear roles and patterns of activity, creating a harmonious exchange between the child and our therapists. Activities like catching and throwing a ball make learning easy and enjoyable, strengthening the bond between the child and our team.


Through interactive play, we work on motor planning and concept imitation, using innovative techniques like having separate sets of balloons for the child and the therapist. This playful approach enhances attention span and boosts the child's creativity, making learning an exciting adventure.


As we progress, our focus shifts to ideation, where the child is motivated to stay in sync with the therapist, proactively addressing any hiccups that may arise. By encouraging exploration and curiosity, we ignite the child's desire to communicate and take the lead in initiating activities confidently.

Join us at Playstreet, where learning is all about laughter, exploration, and discovery. Let's embark on this enriching journey together, where joy and learning become inseparable companions. Together, we'll unlock your child's true potential through the magic of play. Contact us today to begin this transformative adventure!