Conferences/Workshops/Seminars conducted on Invitation:

1. PlayTalk – A comprehensive AAC Program – Shereen Idiculla & Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan

Parent and Professional Training
Hope – The Early Intervention Centre
Bangalore, January 2017

2. Role of Psychologists in Supporting Families having children with Autism – Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan

Professional Training
Christ College
Bangalore, March 2017

3. Introduction to Relationship Development Intervention and PlayTalk – Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan

Parent Training
Play Studio
Singapore, March 2017

4. Inclusion of Disabilities in Classrooms using relationship based approaches – Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan

Professional Sharing
Schools That Care – A 3-Day Workshop on Social Emotional Development
The Teacher’s Foundation
Bangalore, July 2017

5. Developmental disabilities – Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan

Professional Sharing
Jain University
Bangalore, August 2017