"Our Everyday words" is the collection of pictures of around 200 words which are seen by the children around them everyday. They are pictures of real objects as opposed to paintings/drawings. They are used in following ways to help children learn

  • Sorting of the objects based on their feature, function and class.
  • Matching picture-object
  • Identification of pictures of common objects
  • To develop more scanning ability
  • Identification of picture based on functional use of the object
  • To develop understanding WH-questions (Who, What, where, how)
  • Picture association or 'What Goes Together?'
  • Categorisation/Sorting based on feature and class
  • To develop understanding of 'Odd One Out'
  • To develop understanding of prepositions
  • Following commands
  • To develop Listening skills/Auditory Awareness
  • To develop Short Term Memory
Flash cards - Everyday Words
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