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The Importance of Relationships, Movement and Consciousness
for Individuals with Autism


Looking at relationships:

  • The New perspective to Autism – The RDI Model and dynamic Intelligence and how it prepares a family for Autism Adulthood (April 2)
  • Theory of Secured Attachment and Importance of Relationships for Individuals with Autism (April 4)
  • Developing Play and how to connect to children with Play Therapy (April 5)
  • Importance of Sensory Integration in Speech Therapy (April 6)
  • Effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Technique for families and children with Autism (April 7)
  • Art Therapy and its effectiveness for children with Autism (April 8)
  • Unconventional OT-Drumming and Rhythmic Expression for individuals with Autism (April 9)
  • Step Up Your Collaboration (April 28)
  • How do we use an AAC program effectively – Using The PlayTalk Program (April 29)


Looking at movement:

  • Benefits of Movement in Learning (April 11)
  • Mind-Body Disconnect and its effect on children with Autism (April 12)
  • Tito’s experiences with Mind-Body disconnect and how it led to create RPM (April 13)
  • Creative Movement Therapy for children with Autism (April 14)
  • Brain Gym and its effect on cognitive development and communication for children with Autism (April 15)
  • Handwriting Without Tears Program for children with Autism (April 16)
  • Effect of Rhythm on learning (April 18)
  • The Melillo Method and its benefits for Children with Autism (April 19)
  • Connection between feeding and speech (April 20)


Looking at nutrition & medicine:

  • Nutrition planning for children with ASD (April 21)
  • Biomedical Interventions for children with Autism (April 22)
  • Functional Medicine for children with Autism (April 23)


Looking at consciousness:

  • Helping families to understand Verbal Dyspraxia and how it impacts Speech and Communication (April 25)
  • So What if I have Autism? I am a child and I am lovely and brave! (April 25)
  • What Else is Possible? (April 26)
  • Will You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree? (April 27)