Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan - Co-founder and director at Playstreet

Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan

Co-founder and director at Playstreet

Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan

Founder and director at Playstreet

Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan is a co-founder of PlayStreet Specially Abled Educare Trust. She started PlayStreet in 2012 with a very simple vision of providing all therapies under one roof with parent empowerment as a focal point of the treatment. With a new perspective on Autism based on the latest researches continuously leads her to keep bringing innovative solutions not just for children but their families too. Her motto is to create everyday something new – a new idea, a new motivation, a new solution!

She has a very broad definition of education and treatment enabling static and dynamic intelligence of children. She creates a world for children where they take responsibility of their own mental and emotional growth. The corner stones of her practice are providing the programs for connecting children on the Autism spectrum to their environment using naturalistic and relationship based methods.

She is a RDI consultant and an Oral Placement Therapist (Level 2).

She is a trained special educator along with language stimulation and sensory integration techniques.

She is an integral part of a team of passionate people developing the technical tools and software with the aim of empowering families to facilitate learning in children with unique learning styles.

She is co-creator of a comprehensive communication solution called PlayTalk, which is an alternative and augmentative communication software for Android Platform. PlayTalk has been an integral part of her journey to understand children with Autism better through the stories shared by non-verbal autistic children which she and her team could not believe, and learnt that there is so much sensitivity and clarity of thought inside these children.

Her vast knowledge on various aspects of Autism including biological/gut difficulties helps her to understand changing behavioural difficulties of growing children and identify whether its sensory, communication related, biological, distress or trauma.

She is currently working on creating a platform for families with special needs to create a one stop destination for their needs.